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Biteca, created in 2006, is a company dedicated to the organization and administration of deposits of information of any type or format with the twofold aim of contributing to companies resource optimization and of increasing efficiency and openness levels in organizational processes. We have often worked with many entities in Colombia in three main fields: implementing solutions for scientific journals, libraries and documentation centers of different levels, advising and developing open source applications, and digitizing documents.

  • 2010 – 2019

In this period several new products arose: OCS, OMP, Active Collab, Dspace, and Eprints. New partners were integrated into the company, a new software for libraries (Koha) was brought into service, and new strategic alliances with other companies in the sector were established in order to carry out products for different costumers. Biteca was then the first Latin American company to become PKP Bronze Sponsor. Since then, we have also sponsored Crossref and COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

  • 2007 – 2009

Biteca begins to implement of PMB, a library management software developed by PBM Services, France. Simultaneously, an intense training on OJS (Open Journal Systems) was carried on, focused on universities and public entities. A cloud-based software was also made available to our customers.

  • 2006

Official founding of the company, Biteca S.A.S. It started with digitization projects and distributing Kodak scanners.

Cloud-based software arose as an alternative to face diverse necessities.
Open source software is increasingly popular, procuring affordable and profitable solutions.
Systems interoperability allows massive information recovering.
Andrés Ovalle
Project Manager
Arley Soto
Project Manager
Carlos Bermúdez
Business Manager
Carlos s
Carlos Alberto Soto
Profesional Editorial
Alex Leonardo Arias
Profesional de Servicios Unidad de Negocio Bibliotecas y Repositorios
Omaira Rincón
Gerente de proyectos Unidad de Negocio Bibliotecas y Repositorios
Laura Tatiana Cubillos
Camilo Andrés Ramírez
Profesional área TIC
Rafael Antonio Reyes Guevara
Profesional del área de TIC
Leidy Soto
Coordinadora área editorial
Dayana Mora
Ethna Alonso
Johanna Rojas
Asesora comercial
Luz Ayda Becerra
Asesora de innovación
Eric Padilla
Asistente editorial
Shirley Bernal
Asistente editorial

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